97 Trillion! Now what?

Photo: At an oil and gas industry conference in Moscow, Russia. 1995.

How Do I Make Use Of The Potential?

I’ve produced useful work in about 50 disciplines. What if I remember 10 things from each one. In this case a “thing” is a skill, business process, standards, conceptual frameworks, etc. (I need to think the “things” through more.)

50 to 10th power = 97,656,250,000,000,000. 97 trillion combinations that could create useful products and services for the future. Remembering 10 things on average from all those disciplines is realistic. Combining them in different ways to create 97 trillion products and services to explore the markets for isn’t.

Or could it be possible? What if all that knowledge was digitized and feed into machine learning and artificial intelligence programs that could seek commercial opportunities for billions of new concepts?

This would require a conceptual framework for the idea then coding the software and storing the information in a database. A very big database. I don’t know of such a conceptual framework. Maybe I’ll work on it.

What if we could capture the knowledge of tens of millions of people for this project?

I may expand this post in the future. I’m too busy to work on this idea now but sometimes on long road trips I take the time to mentally figure ideas like this out while watching the desert go by.